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17 April 2024

10h00 – 11h00

What insights do you get if you put 202 million purchases in 1 dashboard?

Competitive advantages!

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In our short one-hour webinar, we’ll offer valuable insights into essential customer trends. In recent years, consumers have navigated through a pandemic, reintegration into society, leading to a surge in retail activity as individuals seek to reengage with the world. However, rising inflation and interest rates pose new challenges, affecting spending habits.

We’ll cover tailored industry insights across various sectors including fashion, jewelry, sports & outdoor, furniture, home & garden, d├ęcor, DIY, beauty & cosmetics, pharmacy, and electronics.

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Join us in this webinar where we will dive into today’s retail and e-commerce scene where it’s clear that there’s no such thing called “business as usual”. We have entered a state of a new abnormal.

Spending habits

Online and offline shopping preferences

Generational shopping trends

Sustainability concerns

Who will be sharing knowledge in this webinar

Joost Vugst

Partner Manager, Voyado

Olivier Van Duyse

Managing Partner, Us

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